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Nutri Advanced becomes part of the Metagenics family

Nutri Advanced have been providing high-quality and effective nutritional supplements to health professionals, their clients and consumers across the UK and ROI for over 40 years. Their mission is to help customers on their health journey, with their UK based team of nutritionists and customer support teams always on hand to offer guidance and support.

In 2022, Nutri Advanced became part of the Metagenics family. Metagenics are an innovative leader in the world of micro-nutrition, a certified B corporation meaning that they meet the highest standards of social and environmental impact and put company purpose before profit.

Founded in 1983, Metagenics are now a global presence with headquarters in North America (Aliso Viejo CA), Europe (Ostende, Belgium) and Australia (Brisbane, Australia). Regarded as one of the most trusted professional health and wellness brands worldwide previous employees include iconic functional medicine founding father Dr Jeffrey Bland who held the position of Chief Science Officer for 12 years. Their heritage of breakthrough science, innovative products, unsurpassed quality, practitioner education, and dedicated partnerships, has maintained their position as a preferred choice for healthcare practitioners.

Together, Metagenics and Nutri Advanced are dedicated to providing effective nutritional products and solutions for healthcare professionals, their clients, and the wider consumer audience with a core aim to help people live happier, healthier lives.