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Female Founded Brands

There are plenty of female-founded brands dominating the health and wellness sphere. In honour of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the incredible brands that we work with here at Amrita Nutrition. Here is an insight into the brands, their products and most importantly, their mission.

 Acu Seeds

Giselle Boxer went on a personal healing journey using a holistic approach of diet, supplementation, and Traditional Chinese Medicine after being diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome at the age of 26. From there, she created Acu Seeds - small metal balls that attach to the ears with adhesive stickers. They can assist with immunity, focus, energy levels and digestion and are a natural, effective and side-effect free product that may support mental and health well-being.

To view our range of Acu Seeds products, click here.

Amy Myers MD

After being diagnosed with Graves’ disease, an autoimmune thyroid condition, Amy Myers founded her own range of supplements after finding conventional medicine unhelpful. Her top selling product is the Myers way Multivitamin which is tailored to support thyroid health and other essential vitamins to aid with a healthy lifestyle. This multivitamin is tailor made for patients with thyroid dysfunction.

To view our range of Amy Myers MD products, click here.

Bare Biology

Bare Biology was founded by Melanie Lawson “with women in mind”. She created her high-quality omega-3 products in 2013 after struggling to find a fish oil supplement that was transparent about the source, purity, and freshness of the fish used. Now their range includes vegan omega-3 products and marine collagen. Their collagen is sourced from the first MSC certified manufacturer in the world and omega-3 from Norwegian fish oil manufacturers certified by Friend of the Sea and Marin Trust.

To view our range of Bare Biology products, click here.

Blooming Blends

Created in 2018, founder Fleur Sladen offers a collection of award-winning herbal tinctures with each tincture containing a blend of active herbs to support moments of need. Their collection ranges from calming, restful sleep, digestion, and gut, as well as energy and uplifting. These tinctures are alcohol-free as well as using only the finest, responsibly grown herbs and plants from around the world.

To view our range of Blooming Blends products, click here.


Alison Leighton is a registered nutritional therapist and colonic hydro therapist who is an advocate for the health benefits of castor oil. The castor oil packs are an external application which assists and supports liver detoxification, hormone balancing, digestive support, improved circulation and reducing inflammation as well as relaxation, reducing stress and supporting a healthier mind-body connection.

To find out more, click here.

Hifas De Terra

Founded by Catalina F. de Ana Portela and consisting of a majority female team, they are dedicated to the development of mushroom-based supplements. Their catalogue of products focuses on areas such as healthy ageing, cognitive health, cardiovascular health, immune support, and sleep. The firm has one of the largest medicinal mushroom strain banks in Europe, allowing them to select strains providing specific health benefits.

To view our range of Hifas de Terra products, click here.

Imix Nutrition

For over 20 years, Imix Nutrition have been formulating the highest quality products for health-conscious customers. Their most widely used product is Absorb Plus, a natural, elemental dietary supplement shake which requires little digestion and is absorbed quickly by the body. Jini Patel Thompson pioneered using the elemental diet to help manage digestive disorders. An elemental diet is a liquid diet that contains all the basic nutrients the body needs and are in a pre-digested form so require little digestion and are easily absorbed into the bloodstream.

To view our range of Imix Nutrition products, click here.


Founded by Stephanie Drax in 2018, Leapfrog’s bioactives are blended into tablets to support immunity and the nervous system. The main ingredient of their products is lactoferrin which is found in the milk of most mammals and is an iron-binding protein that exists in all the bodily secretions to combat environmental toxins when they enter the body. Their supplements come in two forms designed to help with immunity and sleep. They are also formulated with Lactium which is an anti-inflammatory protein and vitamin B6 that regulates energy levels and aids brain functioning.

To see more about Leapfrog Remedies IMMUNE or SLEEP, click here.


Natasha Trenev founded Natren after decades of research and are considered pioneering leaders for probiotics for over 35 years. Their products are designed to aid digestion naturally and are revolutionary in that the live bacteria are kept in their original culturing medium or supernatant.

To view our range of Natren products, click here.

Oxford Healthspan

Founded by Leslie Kenny, their speciality lies within Spermidine. This is a polyamine that is naturally occurring in the body known for inducing autophagy. Leslie founded Primeadine after discovering that Spermidine was a naturally derived food product and after rigorous testing, their product launched. The supplements support sleep quality, enhances hair growth, supports skin and nail health as well as supporting other signs of healthy aging and cell renewal.

To find out more about Primeadine, click here.

Rhythm Nutrition

Creating highly specialised food supplements and topical applications to help nourish joints from the inside and well as the outside, founder Maya discovered DEFLAME to support her partners chronic health condition with liposomal technology. By using this technology, the nutrients in the supplement can reach the cells of the body and have a faster absorption rate. This provides relief for achy joints and muscles; help ease hormonal change and accelerates post-exercise recovery whilst also being 100% plant based.

To view our range of Rhythm Nutrition products, click here.

That Protein

That protein was created by plant-based nutritionists who are passionate about plant power. Founder Darlene McCormick has created the first and only certified low-FODMAP Super Protein in the UK. This protein powder can be incorporated into a low-FODMAP diet which reduces certain kinds of carbohydrate that are hard for people to digest.

To view our range of That Protein products, click here.

Therapeutic Kitchen

Jane Mostowfi’s passion for health and food has led her to create the weight loss supplement Curb. Designed to help with eating less at mealtimes and reducing the urge to snack, it is a natural formulation made from plant extracts and has been a trusted and established weight loss aid for over 20 years. The supplement also increases the hormone GLP-1 which helps regulate the appetite especially after eating.

To find out more about Curb, click here.


Created 29 years ago by Dr Tori Hudson, Vitanica was created to serve women as there seemed to be a lack of focus on the intricate and unique needs of women. They are committed to maintaining the purity and effectiveness of their dietary supplements by using the highest quality, premium grade organic, wildcrafted and mindfully cultivated herbs available.

To view our range of Vitanica products, click here.

Wild Nutrition

When Henrietta Norton realised there was nothing on the market that she could whole-heartedly recommend, both her and her husband set out to create their own natural, Food-Grown supplements. They take particular care when creating their supplements when refining the food pastes used within their products. No solvents or chemicals are used, and the process takes place in a low heat environment to protect the stability of the nutrients.

To view our range of Wild Nutrition products, click here.