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Welcomed Partners of Amrita Nutrition

One of Amrita Nutrition's first partners, Moss Nutrition became our Platinum range in July 2020. The brand’s founder, Dr Jeffery Moss, made a commitment to practitioner education and product development. You can find out more about our platinum program here.
The Nutrition Collective runs innovative and high-impact events in the UK and worldwide. Our events include masterclasses and interviews on cutting edge knowledge in field such as immunity, cancer, neuroscience, gut health, and more. Our aim is to empower practitioners with knowledge and inspire change to heal chronic disease. 
Amrita Nutrition are pleased to announce that we are collaborating with the Association of Naturopathic Practitioners (ANP). Products available on the Amrita Nutrition website will soon be listed on the ANP Contradictions Database. This will make checking interactions between supplements and prescription medications quick and easy.
In every aspect of our business, we have an opportunity to improve our environmental impact and social standing. It is so important that our decision-making is focused on these principles. Planet Mark has given us the opportunity to measure, review and improve our impact and provide support and encouragement along the way. View our report here.