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How do I register? My practitioner says I need a code?

You can register one of three ways;

  1. your practitioner can share their unique invite code with you and you can follow the registration steps on the website to create an account
  2. you may receive an email invitation from your practitioner and follow can the link to create an account
  3. our customer service team can register you with your practitioner over the phone if you give them a call

For more information please see the video tutorial below



I cannot see the products my practitioner recommended or sent me a link to, why?

Please check you are logged in to your account when searching on the website or following links from your practitioner. Some products are not visible on the site unless you are logged in.

If you don’t have an account with Amrita yet, please see the answer above.


I’ve ordered too much or my protocol has changed, how do I return a product?

Please see our Returns Policy for more information.


Do you deliver to my location?

We deliver to the majority of countries worldwide. If you’d like to confirm we deliver to your location, you can send a message on Facebook or Instagram, call the team, or email.   


My parcel hasn’t arrived / how do I track my parcel?

After ordering, you’ll receive a confirmation message either via email or text. There will be an order tracking number you can use to track your order with Royal Mail or DHL, whichever is handling your order.  

If you’ve received confirmation the package has been delivered, please check safe places the delivery driver may have hidden it or neighbours it may have been left with. If you are sure the parcel hasn’t been delivered to you, please contact the team and they’ll do what they can to track it down. 


There are products missing from my order, or they are not what I ordered.

If you notice products are missing please check the order summary in your delivery, if there is a statement of “Items to Follow” this means your products are on their way in another delivery.

If they are missing from the order summary, or the products you received aren’t the same as those listed, please contact the team and they’ll resolve the error. 


Why does the price change when I checkout?

It may seem like the amount you’re being charged for your order has changed when you click checkout and are taken to the payment page, this is because the VAT is not included on this page. The VAT is added back on later and you’ll be able to review your entire order with the exact price before confirming the purchase.


I am concerned about the quality, quantity, or state my product is in.

If you have any concerns about your product, such as it looking different to usual or seals being damaged, please don’t hesitate to contact us.  

Please note, however, several manufacturers do clarify their products may have minor colour or smell differences between batches due to natural variation in their ingredients. 


If you have any other questions please contact the team, they’ll be happy to help.

8:30 – 17:00 GMT, Monday to Friday


If you have a question about a product, our practitioners are available to help on the phone:

10:00 – 16:00 GMT, Monday to Friday


Or Live Product Support, on our website:

10:00 – 16:00 GMT, Monday to Thursday