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Dispense 3,000+ professional grade products virtually

Dispense 3,000+ professional grade products virtually. Amrita nutrition enables suitably qualified health care practitioners to prescribe and sell over 100 professional-grade nutraceuticals brands without the need to carry your own inventory. The advantages...

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Meet our practitioners

Our team of practitioners have been selected by David Brassey, lead practitioner and founder and of the business. Our intention is to ensure that we offer personalised, friendly, clinically evidenced general nutritional and supplement advice based solely upon the information provided by the customer/client. If you are already working with a health care professional they should always be consulted in the first instance. If for any reason they cannot be contacted and you need help we will always try to assist you. it is important, however, that you refer back to your health care provider before acting upon the advice of our practitioners as they do not have access to your full case history.

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