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Arterosil HP - 60 Capsules | Calroy


Supports the structure and normal functions of the endothelial glycocalyx

All vascular health relies on a healthy endothelial glycocalyx, the fragile inner lining of the entire vascular system. Arterosil HP® supports the structure and normal function of the endothelial glycocalyx.* Calroy’s proprietary MonitumRSTM seaweed extract, the core ingredient in Arterosil HP, is  rigorously researched.

Arterosil HP contributes to healthy vascular function in multiple ways:*

  • Arterosil HP supports normal circulation*
  • Arterosil HP helps support normal artery function*
  • Arterosil HP helps maintain a healthy artery wall*
  • Arterosil HP supports a healthy heart*
  • Arterosil HP supports a strong and vital glycocalyx – the micro-thin gel lining in your veins and arteries.*

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