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At Amrita Nutrition, we are committed to not only providing the best range of products, education and support, but also to be the most ethically and sustainably driven organisation in this industry.


How can I recycle my empty product packaging?

Recycling programs may vary - we advise checking locally to see what your area accepts.

  • Cardboard and paper packaging
    • These should be put in the dry recycling bin.
  • Glass bottles
    • Can be rinsed out and recycled in the mixed recycling bin along with the lid and label - we always recommend checking that the supplements you are taking offer a refill service before disposing of or rebuying.
  • Blister packs
    • Can be recycled at certain Superdrug and Boots pharmacy stores as long as they are empty and free from any cardboard packaging. Terra cycle drop off boxes also accept blister packs but you must enquire with your local pharmacy that they have one before heading down. 
  • Aluminium and plastic caps
    • Can be recycled in the mixed recycling bin as well and there's no need to remove bottle labels because the recycling process separates them.

Many plastic products feature a recycling symbol on the bottom of the plastic bottle and within this symbol is a number. These are the most common plastics used for storing supplements -

  • #1: PET or PETE
    • PET or PETE (polyethylene terephthalate) is the most common plastic for single-use items and can be picked up through most curb side recycling programs, as long as it's been emptied, rinsed of any product and put in the mixed recycling bin.
  • #2: HDPE
    • HDPE (high-density polyethylene) is a versatile plastic with many uses, especially when it comes to packaging. 
    • These can be recycled in a normal mixed recycling bin with lid and label included.
  • #7: PLA
    • PLA (polylactic acid), which is made from plants and is carbon-neutral, falls into the #7 categories.
    • PLA packaging can be composted, however they need to be taken to a local composting bin and not left in the soil at home!
    • Many companies offer a recycling service if you do not have access to a local composting bin. 

Our Commitment to Sustainability

  We became a certified B Corp in August 2023. It has been a amazing journey and has shaped our working practices and culture for the better. We now ensure that we think about the consequences of our decisions through the lens of our customers, our people, the community and the environment.
In every aspect of our business, we recognise the opportunity to improve our environmental impact and social standing. By becoming Planet Mark certified, it has given us an opportunity to measure, review, improve our impact and aim to reduce our carbon emissions. 
The Real Living Wage is the only UK wage rate based on the cost of living. As a Living Wage accredited employer, we believe our staff deserve a wage which meets everyday needs. We are also Living Hours accredited, making sure our staff have a decent notice period for shifts, have a contract that reflects accurate hours and are guaranteed a minimum of 16 hours of work a week.