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About Us

We see a future where people live healthier for longer, utilising natural healing principles. Our mission is to be the most trusted partner for practitioners worldwide.

At Amrita, we offer the widest most comprehensive selection of nutritional supplements to qualified healthcare professionals and their clients.

We are Amrita, well-being in practice.


Our History

Our founder, David Brassey, turned a passion for natural healthcare solutions into a small business with a big idea.

As a nutritional and functional medicine practitioner, David wanted to source the best health supplements with the very highest quality active ingredients for his clients. This sent him on a long search for suppliers who could provide products that not only had therapeutic benefits but were also manufactured in accordance with strict industry standards. This sent him to the USA, where he took part in training at the Kharrazian Institute.

After completing a rigorous program under Datis Kharrazian he was given the exclusive opportunity to bring Apex Energetics products to the United Kingdom in 2007. Amrita Nutrition was founded that same year and now represents over 150 brands.

David’s business set a high standard for both quality and for customer care. We are able to offer personalised and friendly support to both practitioners and their clients to help guide them on the path to optimal health.

We are now a global business, supporting over 6,000 practitioners and their clients. We’re based in Sheffield in the heart of the city and our global team are in Amsterdam. Our products and services are available to customers all over the world.


Our Products

As part of our commitment to quality, every product and brand we carry has been thoroughly vetted by our founder, David Brassey. Our brands are chosen for their quality and efficacy, commitment to education, and established brand ethics and values.

We value our partnerships with our suppliers, through them, we are able to provide our customers with trusted and exclusive nutritional supplements. The variety of products we offer is something we believe cannot be found elsewhere.


Customer Care & Practitioner Support

Our approach to customer care has always been to ensure we support our customers at every stage of their journey. We understand the sensitivity of this industry and some of the challenges our customers may have.

Going a step further, our in-house practitioners are there to provide their expertise, support, and guidance throughout your healing journey.

We provide you with the tools and resources you need to do what you do best: improve the lives of others. Alongside the high-quality products, we share educational materials, training, webinars, and mentoring.

Contact us at or give us a call at (+44) 114 700 5676


Our commitment to sustainability

As a Planet Mark certified company, we are working to continually improve our environmental impact and social standing across every aspect of our business.