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Platinum Partner Programme

The purpose of our platinum quality partners scheme is to highlight the premium brands that we have developed a close working relationship with over the years. These products are held in high regard by our in-house team of practitioners and are frequently prescribed by them. Often, we are actively involved in product development with these partners and are continuing to work on exciting new projects with them.


What makes a Platinum Partner? 

  • Strong and established brand ethics and values
  • Vendor Qualification Criteria (how they select their manufacturers)
  • Good Manufacturing Practice is a required standard for dietary supplements
  • Commitment to practitioner education
  • Commitment to compliant product labelling
  • Quality and efficacy, the testing of every ingredient in the products they manufacture, often far exceeding industry requirements


Further information about our Platinum Partner Program


Moss Nutrition

Our first partner became Platinum in July 2020. The brand’s founder, Dr Jeffery Moss, made a commitment to practitioner education and has provided us with numerous videos detailing his thought process behind developing many of his products and how he utilises them in his own practice (available to view on select product pages). 

“Sadly, many supplements on the health-food shelves are manufactured by different companies at different times, depending upon which company is currently offering the lowest price. Even though the labels may look identical from batch to batch, the quality can vary tremendously. While this method may ensure the cheapest price, it makes it difficult to track down the manufacturer of any particular batch. Furthermore, manufacturers know this, and the unscrupulous ones may relax their standards on the above points.

At Moss Nutrition, we don't gamble. We believe that it's far better-and much cheaper in the long run-to spend a little more now on professional-quality supplements backed by skilled, reliable, trustworthy professionals. For those who agree, we're ready and waiting to serve you.” - Dr Jeffery Moss