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CytoImmune - 120 Capsules | CellCore Biosciences

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CytoImmune is the perfect immune supplement to have on hand before you need it.

A well-rounded, ideal solution for a healthy immune and inflammatory response year-round, CytoImmune can be taken at the early onset of symptoms, for seasonal immune support, and during periods where immunity may be weakened – such as when traveling or experiencing stress.*

This cutting-edge formula features eight herbs that work synergistically to support an effective immune system and inflammatory response, as well as the respiratory system and healthy breathing in the face of modern-day health challenges.* It also aids energy production and stamina, gentle detoxification, and cognitive health during periods of weakened immunity.*

Each ingredient in CytoImmune – including Nigella sativa, quercetin, Cordyceps extract, neem, and horsetail – has been carefully selected for its rich antioxidant content, proven capability to enhance immune defenses, and ability to work more effectively together than if taken individually.*

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