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B Corp Businesses

After becoming B Corp certified in 2023, we are continually striving to be the most sustainable we can be at Amrita Nutrition.

A Certified B Corp is a corporation that’s social and environmental performance has been measured against the standards by a non-profit organisation called B Lab.

There are over 6,000 Certified B Corps in 80 countries across 153 different industries. These companies have pledged to be transparent about their impact and build trust with their consumers, communities, and suppliers. 

Here are the B Corp partners that we are proud to work with and what they do to remain sustainable within the wellness industry.

 Activated Probiotics

Activated Probiotics mission is to improve the quality of life, prevent disease, and make products accessible to all. They achieve this by using recyclable materials where possible such as blister packs, sachets, and also taking this into account when printing promotional materials such as tote bags and information materials. They also utilise digital formats where possible. 

They pride themselves in creating a confident working environment where employees have room to grow professionally as well as providing 1-1 support, allowing additional wellness days on top of annual leave, and giving everyone within the company the option to be a shareholder. This approach also reflects in their marketing as they focus on education first, with the aim to improve life and to empower their customers.

Ancient + Brave

Ancient + Brave became B Corp certified in 2021 and believes in an actions not words approach to being sustainable. With donations to Rainforest Concern and partnering with other B Corp businesses, they are continually striving to improve transparency as well as ethically sourcing materials and innovating their packaging and products. 

By being B Corp certified, Ancient + Brave believe it represents their steadfast commitment to building a more inclusive and sustainable economy. As with all B Corp certified businesses, they are committed to undergoing verification every three years to maintain their highly coveted status.

Gaia Herbs

Gaia Herbs is a leading herbal brand in North America. From seed to shelf, Gaia is deeply committed to the purity, integrity, and potency of each product. As a business, they prioritise sustainable sourcing, producing high quality supplements whilst also contributing to the long term health of ecosystems and local economies. 

Gaia Herbs are passionate about the care of their workers, they exceed minimum standards for farm workers with benefits and housing as well as offering each full-time employee 16 hours of volunteering time off annually. Their mission is to ensure there is a strengthening connection to communities across North America as well as being devoted to transparency through the MeetYourHerbs® platform. This platform is the world’s first and only herb traceability program, which allows users to learn about and engage with their organic herbs. 


Having first become B Corp certified in 2017 and later renewing their certificate in 2022, Invivo’s mission is to help people feel better, understand how the human body interacts with the many organisms that co-inhabits its ecosystem, and cultivate a better balance within themselves. 

Invivo works to serve all of its stakeholders by integrating sustainability into every facet of the organisation. This includes through their laboratory processes, product packaging, sourcing materials, and encouraging sustainable behaviour across sites. 

The majority of Invivo products are sold in glass containers, however they are striving to make their products even more recyclable by switching to compost packaging for certain products. Invivo believes that being a certified B Corp means being a force for good and being driven by more than just share price and stakeholders. They have introduced the menstrual and menopause policy as well as volunteering programs to create a ‘business for good’ ethos within their workforce.

Nutri Advanced

Having recently joined forces with B Corp certified Metagenics, Nutri Advanced are always looking for new ways they can be sustainable and kinder to the environment as a business through every stage of production to delivery. They are reviewing their packaging options and taking into consideration the limitations that come with certain product packaging and how recyclable the materials are. Using HDPE plastic pots means that they can be easily recycled at home. 

As well as recycling packaging, Nutri Advanced converts their cardboard into eco-friendly packaging. This creates lighter weighted parcels which subsequently saves on fuel and shipping costs. As well as their products, Nutri Advanced are striving to make their workplace more sustainable and eco friendly by implementing a hybrid working scheme as well as a cycle to work scheme and providing recycling bins in every office space. 

Wild Nutrition

Wild Nutrition achieved B Corp status in 2021 and are committed to putting human and environmental impact at the heart of every decision that they make and holding themselves accountable for future generations.

Wild Nutrition strive to continuously adapt within their workforce to allow their employees to grow and nurture each other in order to thrive. They are an inclusive, equal opportunity employer as well as certified as a Great Place to Work® and ranking among the UK’s Best Workplaces for women. Wild Nutrition have several benefits in place such as Maternity and Menopause benefits, free nutritional consultations, 50% off supplements, wellness retreats and more to ensure that they are giving back to their workers. 

As well as giving back to their workers, Wild Nutrition also give back to their customers by up to 99% of their product range being in a recyclable format, providing a refill option to reduce carbon and materials on every order as well as 95% of paper and card used within their products being from sustainable sources. 


You can find a full range of these B Corporation products in our brand page.