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A conversation with our Head of Education

Tanya Borowski has spent the past two decades studying nutrition, human biology, and functional medicine. As a registered nutritionist and Institute for Functional Medicine certified practitioner, Tanya is dedicated to helping women reduce their risk for chronic disease and ill health. In November 2023, Tanya officially joined the Amrita Nutrition team as the Head of Education.

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How did you get into nutrition and Functional Medicine?

I initially became interested in food after leaving school and undertook a three-year Diploma in Hotel Management and Catering. The years that followed took me all over Europe cooking for chalet holiday skiing groups.

Fifteen years later, following a successful career in the travel industry, I decided to combine my love for food with a growing interest in its healing properties and retrained as a nutritional therapist. Commencing my training in Sydney, I then returned to the UK and completed a three-year Diploma in Nutritional Therapy with the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

This left me hungry for more – I started delving far deeper into the biochemistry of nutrition and this led me to train with the innovative Institute of Functional Medicine. I completed my IFM certification in April 2016 and was one of the first 25 practitioners to qualify as a fully certified Functional Medicine Practitioner in the UK.


How can your experience make a difference?

I have been in clinical practice for well over a decade and have worked in a variety of different settings together with establishing my own clinic and wellbeing store. During this time, I have continued to immerse myself in education, gaining qualifications from IFM and other leaders in the field while forging strong relationships with industry colleagues and providers, such as Amrita Nutrition! This combination of clinical experience and knowledge has allowed me to build a treasure trove of resources to draw upon as a clinician.

What I have come to realise is that the key to being a successful practitioner is to have an appropriate tool kit of resources to create a unique plan for each client and not simply chase the next “protocol” while expecting that to work.

By creating our Roadmap series and other educational events across the year, I’m excited to be in a position to help grow your tool kit far more than just protocols!


What value can you provide to practitioners?

I teach and mentor medical doctors and nutritional therapists on how to understand and have confidence in investigating and implementing their craft. Since COVID, I have observed a significant drop in practitioners’ confidence and formulation of their plans. With my clinical and educational background, I am incredibly excited to be in a position at Amrita Nutrition to offer my experience to practitioners, particularly through the new education pathways which we will be delivering from January 2024. There are exciting times are ahead!


What are the plans to support practitioners?

The first element to our pledge to support our practitioners is the introduction of our Roadmap webinars from January 2024. This is an ongoing educational webinar series that I’ll be presenting, covering a clinically relevant topic or new product in each session - we will also be inviting other industry experts to guest on future webinars. The series will offer the latest research paired with practical application and clinical pearls to help you enhance your client outcomes and grow your practice.

The Roadmap webinars will be concise, to the point, and designed to fit into your lunch break. They will run on selected Tuesdays monthly or bi-monthly and will be available free for all registered practitioners. We always record these sessions and they’re available on the education page of the website if you are unable to join live. We have the series planned out until June and we are brimming with content and product updates to share. Our first couple of sessions Mapping The Perimenopausal Metabolic Switch and Mapping Leaky Gut are available to watch back!


What are your specialisms and how did they evolve?

I have an insatiable quest for knowledge and have undertaken postgraduate training to provide me with increased expertise in functional digestive conditions, hypothyroidism, and my specialist area of interest, women’s health.

I completed the Hashimoto’s Institute 12-week training program to advance my ability to work with clients with autoimmune hypothyroidism. I am a member of the British Menopause Society and regularly attend advanced practice endocrine modules with the prestigious American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M).

My desire to learn more has allowed me to partake in specialist training with some of the most respected functional medical doctors and specialists in their fields. I’ve completed immunology training with leading specialists including Dr Aristo Vojdani and programmes with renowned autoimmunity and thyroid specialists Dr Datis Kharrazian and Dr Izabella Wentz. I travel to the United States and Europe at least twice each year to attend training to further deepen my knowledge and keep those sparks firing in my brain.

As you can tell, I’m somewhat addicted to learning! I love teaching others how to apply this knowledge to clinical practice. It’s in my DNA - but that’s a whole other conversation…

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