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Coeliac vs Sensitivities

1 in 100 people in the UK have coeliac disease but only 36% are diagnosed. Coeliac Awareness Month aims to find those people who have not been diagnosed and get them on the road to recovery.

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Do Young People Need Supplements?

As a young person, it can be difficult to get a well-rounded nutritional diet. This can be especially hard to maintain when most of your time is spent studying, socialising, taking part in extra curricular activities or just having time to yourself.
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B Corp Businesses

After becoming B Corp certified in 2023, we are continually striving to be the most sustainable we can be at Amrita Nutrition.

A Certified B Corp is a corporation that’s social and environmental performance has been measured against the standards by a non-profit organisation called B Lab.

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A conversation with our Head of Education

Tanya Borowski has spent the past two decades studying nutrition, human biology, and functional medicine. In November 2023, she officially joined the Amrita Nutrition team as our Head of Education.

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Female Founded Brands

There are plenty of female-founded brands dominating the health and wellness sphere. In honour of Women’s History Month, we are highlighting some of the incredible brands that we work with here at Amrita Nutrition. Here is an insight into the brands, their products and most importantly, their mission.
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Our journey to become B Corp Certified

Becoming a B Corp has made me immensely proud, not only as a personal achievement but the sense that it has brought the organisation together with a common goal ... to be better.
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