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Hydroxo B12 with Folinic Acid - 60 Lozenges


Hydroxo B12 with Folinic Acid provides a potent dose of methyl-free folate and vitamin B12 in a delicious, well-digested lozenge.

Did you know that vitamin B12 and folate work together as partners in your health? Both nutrients are essential B vitamins. Together they support healthy energy production, mental clarity, and methylation.

People respond differently to various forms of B vitamins. Some experience nervousness or rapid heartbeat when they consume methylated nutrients, such as L-methylfolate and methylcobalamin. For these individuals, alternative forms of B vitamins might be preferred.

Hydroxo B12 with Folinic Acid provides:

  • 1,000 mcg of hydroxocobalamin, a non-methylated form of vitamin B12
  • 1,360 mcg DFE (800 mcg) of folinic acid, a methyl-free form of folate
  • A delicious lozenge designed for optimal digestion, absorption, and utilization in your body
  • Methyl-free B vitamins that readily convert into methylated forms within your body

Hydroxo B12 with Folinic Acid is the perfect duo for your energy needs!

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