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Leaky Gut-X - 90 Capsules | BioMatrix


SIBO-friendly supplement for gut repair 

Strengthen your intestinal lining to improve nutritional status and prevent toxins from penetrating into your bloodstream. 

  • Support Mucosa is now Leaky Gut-X
  • Restore the integrity of your first-line immune defence with potent nutrients that repair damaged cells
  • Defend against leaky gut with a SIBO-friendly formula that helps to reverse intestinal permeability
  • Soothe your mucosal barrier with potent botanicals that balance intestinal inflammation and promote healthy mucus production

Keeping the mucosal barrier of your small intestine is critical to the health of numerous processes, including digestion, immunity, and defense against toxic exposures. When your mucosal barrier is compromised, you are at risk of allergies, nutrient deficiencies, digestive intolerances, leaky gut, bacterial overgrowth, parasitic infections, and more. Each of these complications can irritate your mucosa even further and lead to a vicious cycle of intestinal inflammation and a wide array of symptoms.

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