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Sarco Select DF - 532g | Moss Nutrition


Evidence-based functional protein shake designed to help promote healthy muscle growth and function. Featuring dairy-free pea protein, leucine, and more. Naturally sweetened with monkfruit. Creamy vanilla flavor.

SarcoSelect® DF is the first formula of its kind: a macronutrient-based, state of the art functional food rich in quality pea protein and leucine plus bioavailable micronutrients and anti-inflammatory compounds, specifically designed to help optimize muscle physiology. Research-based formula to help promote and maintain healthy muscle tissue. Pea protein + L-leucine to help promote growth and maintenance of healthy lean muscle tissue. Provides quality macronutrients, activated vitamins & minerals, & specialty ingredients to address inflammatory processes.

Loss of muscle mass (sarcopenia) has a profound effect on quality of life in patients, influencing a wide range of health parameters far beyond the obvious loss of strength and balance which signal the condition. In practice, sarcopenia lies at the heart of many chronic issues seen in patients, notably decreased insulin sensitivity and energy production. By helping to promote muscle synthesis and optimize muscle mass and function, the ingredients in SarcoSelect" can help promote positive clinical outcomes in patients, regardless of their chief complaint.

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