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Prenatal Advantage - 120 Softgels


For you, if you are looking for a prenatal formula that goes beyond the usual prenatal vitamins and minerals.

The active ingredients in Prenatal Advantage: 

  • Deliver more than 100% daily value of vitamins A, B, C, D3, K
  • Include essential minerals like iron, zinc, copper, potassium & more
  • Support healthy prenatal brain & eye development
  • Promote healthy brain development
  • Contain bioactive forms - 5-MTHF folate, B12 methylcobalamin & more

You and your baby have special nutritional needs. That’s why Life Extension® has now developed a nutritional formula just for the two of you. Prenatal Advantage goes beyond regular prenatal supplements by including the most bioavailable forms of nutrients that are safe, reliable and effective.  

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