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Grass Fed Beef Liver 500mg - 180 Capsules | NXGEN Wholefoods


Beef liver is natures most nutrient dense superfood, full of more protein, vitamins, and minerals than any other food available. NXGEN beef liver is famous around the world having been sourced from Australian Grass Fed and Grass Finished and Organic Certified Beef Cattle (not dairy cows).  We are talking cattle bred to roam for thousands of miles, that graze in the wild in the vast central Australia outback and Lake Eyre region.  

NXGEN Liver is famous because the cattle only graze on native grasses and roam freely for thousands of miles, protected by native trees for shade and shelter.  With an abundance of water from the Artesian Basin.  Underground water streams and lakes provide pristine water full of natural minerals to keep our cattle healthy.  The native grasses are rich in nutrients to create healthy animals.  The cattle organ and endocrine system is the natural storage system for vitamins and minerals and provides unique peptides for human health. When you consume NXGEN Organic Beef Liver you are getting minerals and vitamins from a unique part of the world extracted from nutrient dense soil, water and native plants, that are bioidentical to our own cellular requirements and easily absorbed into the blood stream.

Lake Eyre is known for being a harsh, hot and dry region of Australia (most of the time). No crops will grow in this climate (only native grasses), so there is no possibility of any spray drift from neighbours, likewise there is no need for use of pesticides or chemicals, drenches or antibiotics.  The right breed of beef cattle strive and survive in this environment with only the assistance of mother nature and the ecology of the land. 

NXGEN Organic Grass Fed and Finished Liver is gently freeze dried to retain all the natural nutrients, peptides and minerals from Lake Eyre.  We mill into a powder and encapsulate into a beef gelatin capsule.    

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