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Omega 3 Vegan - 60 Capsules | Cytoplan


Omega 3 Vegan is derived from plant marine algae (Schizochytrium sp.) and provides a vegan source of the important omega-3 essential fatty acids, EPA and DHA. It is one of the first supplements in the UK to provide EPA and DHA from natural algae, making it suitable for both vegeterians and vegans.

This product is produced from microalgae that is grown in a controlled environment, eliminating the risk of oceanic contamination and pollution, and concerns over sustainability.

What are the benefits of Omega 3 Vegan?

It contains EPA and DHA, which contribute to the following:

  • normal brain function
  • normal vision
  • normal blood pressure 
  • the maintenance of normal blood triglyceride levels
  • the normal function of the heart

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