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MegaMag Kids + Teens - 30 Servings | Nutri Advanced


MegaMag® Kids + Teens is NA's most recent development in their best-selling MegaMag® magnesium powders. The first of the range to be targeted specifically at this age group, this product combines key nutrients to support learning, memory and concentration as well as feelings of calm. 

They have included magnesium glycinate, to support a healthy nervous system and to aid the ability to reason and think, as well as vitamin B5 which supports normal mental performance. Magnesium glycinate has none of the negative digestive issues associated with other magnesium forms found in some supplements, it's gentle on the stomach and the body can quickly absorb it.

Crucially, they've also chosen to add an innovative lemon balm extract called Bluenesse® which has been studied for its effects on mental focus, concentration, memory and positive mood. 

The product also features a range of B vitamins, which contribute to normal psychological function as well as the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, meaning children and teenagers will have the energy to focus on their studies.

They also know how disruptive it is to be in and out of school due to illness so they've included vitamin C, zinc, vitamin D3 and vitamin K2 to support a healthy immune system, with the added bonus of supporting healthy bones. 

Many of NA's product development and nutrition team are parents and are passionate about supporting children of all ages, to not only perform to the best of their academic ability but even more importantly to feel relaxed and enjoy learning at the same time.

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