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Mega EPA (Omega-3 Fish Oil) - 90 Capsules | BioCare


Mega EPA is a pure fish oil capsule providing omega-3 fatty acids for heart, brain and vision support.

Essentials range - One of BioCare's edited range of go-to essential products for everyday needs.

Effective - Rich fish oil delivering 524mg EPA and 375mg DHA per daily intake for maximum effectiveness.

Optimum support - A natural triglyceride fish oil of outstanding quality and higher absorption than ethyl ester and free fatty acid fish oils.

Pure – BioCare only use small fish (sardines, anchovies, and mackerel) low down on the food chain, drastically minimising their exposure to pollutants.

Sustainably sourced – Fished in sustainable fisheries which are certified by Friends of the Sea, a leading certification standard for products and services which respect and protect the marine environment.

Advanced – With added natural mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) for antioxidant protection and enhanced stability.

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