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Histamine Digest PureMax - 60 Capsules | Omne Diem


For those with multiple sensitivities and higher Diamine Oxidase (DAO) needs, OmneDiem Histamine Digest PureMAX, their purest formulation to date. With nothing but 6.4mg of pure DAO, delivering 30,000 HDU of DAO and ultra-purified MCC in our designed release capsules, PureMAX is the choice for those looking for a DAO supplement without added nutrients or excipients.

Many foods contain histamine and/or cause the release of histamine in the gut. Diamine Oxidase (DAO) is the primary enzyme responsible for the breakdown of dietary histamine. OmneDiem™ Histamine Digest PureMAX delivers natural-source DAO in a designed-release capsule that dissolves in the small intestine, where it acts directly on dietary histamine to support digestive health and comfort.

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