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Equilibrium Probiotic Ecosystem - 30 Capsules | General Biotics


Our stomachs evolved to expect a diet rich with probiotic life, yet modern food is sterilized to the point of being microbially unrecognizable. Your stomach is living  in an enviroument it wasn't designed for.

Equilibrium provides 115 important probiotic strains in their natural ratios, allowing your stomach to add new microbes to its digestive ecosysterm, and to replace those microbes lost to aging, antibiotics and chlorinated water.

The fruits and vegetables available in stores today aren't like the ones our grandparents consumed — they've been sterilized to increase shelf life, stripping them of the beneficial microbes our ancestors took for granted. On average, westernized humans have less than half as many digestive strains as their rural counterparts.

General Biotics' Equilibrium restores these missing microbes. Using data from the NIH's human microbiome project (a $115 million dollar census of humanity's gut flora), we identified the strain groups commonly missing from westernized digestive systems, then worked backwards to find food-sourced strains to provide the missing function. The result is Equilibrium, a product which provides a constant influx of the probiotics your digestion is likely missing.

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