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Meet Tesseract—the future of Preventative medicine and Supplementation.

Tesseract is eclipsing and transforming modern medicine…

Research institutions and medical practitioners have become increasingly aware that the human microbiome, home to more than a trillion microbes, is responsible for driving physical development, nutrition, immune response, disease prevention, and healthy brain function.  This greatly ignored environment of one’s gut is now on the front page of many research projects.  Until now, medicine has faced three critical obstacles in utilising this research insight: an inability to effectively deliver bioactive ingredients designed by mother nature properly throughout the body, the generally low bioavailability of scores of molecules essential to valuable treatments, and the fact that many valuable and proven substances are not easily tolerated in their current form, either because of taste, odor, or potential irritation to the gut.

Through our unique and patent-pending technology, Tesseract is able to address these barriers to optimal treatment. Tesseract technology is eclipsing traditional three-dimensional medicine.