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AuRx - 56.7g | Tesseract


Tesseract’s AuRx® is the gold-standard medical food for Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)! The possibility of alleviating behavioral changes in an ASD child is now a reality.

Featuring a stabilized butyric acid complex delivered in a palatable-tasting powder that optimizes patient compliance, this hypoallergenic medical food provides much needed specific nutritional requirements for ASD children who have short-chain fatty acid and gut microbiome imbalance and deficiencies.

Fiber metabolism in the gut produces abnormally high levels of propionic acid in ASD children. Excess propionic acid can cross the gut-brain barrier, which can set the stage for a toxic environment to flourish – physically toxic and emotionally toxic. It has been shown that the greater a GI disturbance is in autistic children, including constipation and diarrhea, the greater the risk of behavioral problems, language impairment, and irritability.

AuRx® medical food is specially formulated to provide nutritional support to counteract that gut-brain nutrient imbalance. This most vulnerable segment of the population has a new partner advocate in Tesseract Medical Research® . With AuRx® on their side, children with ASD and their caregivers have the power of positive behavioral changes within reach. This is butyric acid supplementation reimagined. This is Tesseract’s proprietary CyLoc® and DexKey® technology unleashing a highly absorbable therapeutic reality!

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