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Kids Mineral Toothpaste - 100ml | RiseWell


Finally there's a treat that naturally strengthens your kid's teeth! The secret is Hydroxyapatite, a naturally occurring mineral (and our signature ingredient!) that protects and remineralizes your kid's teeth as they grow. And, it is 100% safe to swallow, so no need to be nervous when your little ones begin learning to brush!

It tastes like cake batter and has Hydroxyapatite!

Hydroxyapatite acts like a magic shield around teeth and as your kid's teeth grow, Hydroxyapatite strengthens and remineralizes.

RiseWell Kids Toothpaste is the only one on the market that's safe enough to eat. The reason? It's made with Hydroxyapatite, which remineralizes teeth, without the risk of harm if accidentally ingested.

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