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Livon Labs

The secret to the successful use of LET comes from producing a liposome-encapsulated molecule so small that it is absorbed immediately after leaving the stomach, preferably just below the duodenum at the beginning of the small intestine. This is easier said than done. Every different substance subjected to liposomal encapsulation presents its own set of challenges and you have to select the right combination of phospholipids and other ingredients to perfect the formula that will work. For a thorough explanation of this science and process, read PC Liposomal Encapsulation by Dr Robert Milne.

After two years of trial and error, Les and Cindy introduced the product they had dreamed about. Today, that product is known as Altrient® C.

The virtues of Altrient® C are described elsewhere on this site. Suffice to say they believe that liposomal encapsulation is the best way to take vitamin C. Ongoing scientific trials already verify this. They have introduced this patented formulation and unique packaging to thousands of people all over the world.