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Altrient Liposomal Glutathione 450mg - 30 Sachets | Livon


Top up on defence nutrients with Altrient Liposomal Glutathione! This nutrient is present in the liver, heart and virtually all cells in the body, which underscores its biological significance. However, dietary restrictions or an imbalance in your general health could influence your body’s nutritional demands.

Standard oral glutathione products tend to be poorly absorbed due to the action of an intestinal enzyme which degrades glutathione. Altrient Liposomal Glutathione uses the clinically researched Setria Glutathione as key ingredient. This is protected by a double walled phospholipid membrane while it journeys through the stomach, allowing it to be absorbed intact into the blood stream and transported to the cells where it’s needed the most.

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