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Bladder Manager - 30 Capsules | EuroMedica


Bladder health and comfort are important to everyone, men and women alike.

Bladder Manager is the ideal supplement for men and women looking to support bladder strength and urinary tract function.

Bladder Manager features clinically studied SagaPro®, which is a proprietary, aqueous extract of Angelica archangelica leaves, harvested from plants growing in the pristine air and soil of Iceland. This prized botanical has been used traditionally for over 1,000 years. Abundant in the fresh landscape of Iceland, angelica is still recognized as a valuable resource. The angelica leaves used in this formula are gathered by local people in an eco-friendly manner, and the procurement process is monitored and sustainable.

Bladder Manager contains key compounds you need to support the smooth muscle of the bladder. This amazing extract provides documented benefits, too. In fact, participants in a recent clinical trial experienced support for healthy bladder function.

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