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CandiGold Pro - 84 Capsules | Enzyme Science


CandiGold Pro uses natural ingredients in a scientifically blended ratio to maintain a healthy balance of intestinal flora. Cellulase breaks down the yeast cell wall, while protease digests the interior proteins. This combination provides a gentle, cleansing effect without harsh discomfort common to cleansing protocols.

• Can positively influence the microbiome
• Antifungal ingredients to help support candida overgrowth
• Can help with intestinal detoxification
• Contains enzymes that support gastrointestinal function
• With cellulase to help break down fungal cell walls
• Encourages overall wellness

This formula can support the body’s pathways of detoxification, while sustaining a healthy gut flora and assisting with symptoms of poor digestion like bloating, gas and fatigue. The Thera-blend enzymes remain active across a broad pH range, allowing greater interactions with substrates and encourage healthy intestinal detoxification.

Suggested use is 2 capsules 3 times per day on an empty stomach.

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