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BNH Intro for Amrita Nutrition

BioNexus Herbals were created to meet the unique needs of our patient population. The inspiration and driving force behind the creation of BioNexus formulas and blends is my only child, Brian. Brian is a survivor of severe late-stage neurological Lyme disease, multiple coinfections, and Mold/Biotoxin Illness. At the tender age of 6 years, due to his severe gut problems and a high level of sensitivities to anything chemical, I had to come up with an all-natural approach to save his life. That was also the case with a large number of patients in my practice who just couldn’t tolerate pharmaceuticals, or preferred to stay plant-based. That path led me to the spectacular farm nestled in a fertile, lush green region of nearby Pennsylvania. With the genuinely gifted farmers onboard, the apothecary was created. The rest, as they say, is history. We went from tremendous adversity to tremendous growth.

From seed to harvest, our biodynamic farm and apothecary is a labor of love. Our farmer and his wife are Yogis, trained herbalists and passionate about their work with plants. Whether field has grown or greenhouse sprouted, our spiritual herbal practices allow for conscious and respectful harvesting including following the lunar cycles that optimize the vitality and vibrance of the herbal extracts. Herbs that require different growing zones are obtained from like-minded small family farms. The beautiful Susquehanna river flows near the farm with scared Native American woods on the other side. Our apothecary staff enjoys wildcrafting and foraging for medicinal roots, shoots and mushrooms in this rich ecosystem and covet spending time being immersed in nature.

All BioNexus herbal formulas and blends are lovingly handcrafted in small batches, never more than one gallon at a time in old fashioned glass vats using artisanal methods and triple extraction techniques for maximum potency. After two years in research and development, we are currently in the process of infusing our amazing HerbCelMax methodology into all our products with the powerful rejuvenating properties of Phyto stem cells.

I’m honored you have chosen Bionexus Herbal products. The herbal line has been wildly successful with BioNexus patients in over 50 countries globally. I sincerely hope these sacred plant extracts help you and your patients as much as they did mine. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with me. I’m an actively practicing clinical herbalist and naturopathic practitioner and we see some of the most complex cases. I’m happy to assist with choice and application and with any other questions you may have.

In good health,


Jodie A. Dashore PhD, OTD, BCIP, RH (AHG), CCH


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