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Rhodiola Rosea 200mg - 90 Capsules | 88Herbs


Rhodiola Rosea is an extremely potent and effective adaptogen – a class of herbs which work holistically on the body, bringing it back to its peak state of homeostasis. Rhodiola is probably the most energizing of all the adaptogens. Many people prefer Rhodiola to coffee for a morning “perk up” because it gives a longer-lasting and smoother type of energy, as opposed to the jittery feeling of excess caffeine. Rhodiola also helps with mental focus and concentration.

And even though it gives a powerful boost of energy, it actually helps people with depression, anxiety, and their moods. It’s a very pleasant form of energy rather than a “nervous” form.

Rhodiola Rosea has a wide range of uses such as increasing mental and physical energy, improving mental focus and concentration, reducing stress and anxiety, reducing depression, improving stamina and athletic performance, and increasing sex drive and sexual performance.

88Herbs literally searched the globe to attain the absolute best quality rhodiola. It is organically grown at high altitudes in a pristine farm in Tibet. It’s a magnificent and natural strain of rhodiola which has shown some of the best results in scientific studies.

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