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Zinc Bisglycinate 25mg - 90 Capsules | 88Herbs


88Herbs Pure Zinc Bisglycinate is a fantastic zinc supplement. Many types of supplemental zinc on the market use cheap forms of zinc with low absorption rates, they are hard on the digestive system, and they cause nausea as a major side effect.

Consumers also need to be careful to ensure that they are getting a “non-buffered” form of zinc bisglycinate. It is possible to call a supplement zinc bisglycinate on a label, even if you add in other forms of inferior zinc into the product. 88Herbs use 100% pure, non-buffered, zinc bisglycinate, which is well known for being the most absorbable form of zinc. It is also the easiest on the stomach and won’t cause nausea. 88Herbs provide easy-to-swallow vegetarian capsules with no unhealthy fillers (no magnesium stearate) etc.

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