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Wholefood Multi - 120 Capsules | Cytoplan


Wholefood Multi is an all-round vitamin and mineral supplement providing excellent levels of wholefood nutrients and a plethora of other key vitamins and minerals for nutritional support.

  • Provides the methylated forms of folic acid and vitamin B12, as well as the active form of vitamin B6 (P-5-P)
  • The fruit and vegetable powder blend of carrot, Spirulina, alfalfa, artichoke leaf, beetroot, acai berry and acerola provides extra phytonutrients

Since conception, Cytoplan's philosophy has been that nutrients are best delivered to the body “in the same form as food”. Wholefood Multi is a wholefood multivitamin and mineral supplement which includes minerals hydroponically grown into a base of the cruciferous vegetable Brassica juncea, an edible member of the broccoli family of vegetables (also known as the Brassica family).

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