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Wheatgrass Juice Powder - 100g | One Nutrition


Most wheat grass superfoods products are made from powdered leaf. However, ours is made from the juice of the actual wheat grass leaves and is not only six times stronger but also easier to digest.

We allow the young wheat to grow deep into the richly fertile and organic soil, drawing on the nutrients and locking them in. The wheat grass has to be carefully juiced then powdered while still freshly harvested so it can can retain as many nutrients and enzymes as possible.

Your body should be slightly alkaline rather than acidic so your system has to work hard to maintain that balance. Processed food and a lot of foods in a typical western diet can tip the scale towards the acidic end … which isn’t great for your health.

It’s also a brilliant source of vitamin B12 and iron which are vital for good health but often deficient in vegetarians and the elderly, and calcium and magnesium to help keep bones strong.

It takes 50kg of cut wheat grass to make 1kg of juice powder for One Nutrition Wheat Grass Capsules.

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