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Vitamin D - 30 Capsules | Wild Nutrition


Wild Nutrition's biologically active form of Food-Grown® Vitamin D3 is scientifically shown to be 100% more effectively absorbed than the leading high street Vitamin D spray and capsules.

Official recommendation - The UK Department of Health recommends that everyone should consider a daily supplement of Vitamin D, especially during the autumn and winter. (Source: 

For healthy muscle, bones and teeth - Provides Vitamin D to help maintain calcium absorption and support normal bones and teeth, as well as maintaining muscle function.

Scientifically proven - The results of a scientific study show that when compared to leading high street Vitamin D supplements in tablet and spray form, the Food-Grown® Vitamin D in our capsules was 100% more effectively absorbed.

Optimum strength - These capsules are a higher 1000iu (or 25μg) dose and recommended for those who need additional Vitamin D supplementation. Please reach out to our practitioners about the correct dose for you.

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