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Vitamin C Liposomal 500 - 60ml | Biogena


In challenging times, higher vitamin C levels are often targeted. In the liposomal form, vitamin C is not present in free form, but is encased in phospholipids from sunflower (sunflower lecithin). By enclosing vitamin C in lipid particles, liposomal vitamin C has a high bioavailability and is therefore particularly suitable for short-term, targeted support of the immune system.

With Vitamin C liposomal 500, BIOGENA is launching a new masterpiece. With its fruity-fresh lime flavour and a hint of vanilla, the liquid premium preparation not only pampers the taste buds, it also boasts an impressive nutritional value: Twenty pump shots (5 ml) contain 500 mg of liposomal vitamin C. The liquid preparation thus combines pleasure with high bioavailability and optimal dosage.

Vitamin C liposomal 500 - the modern form of vitamin C refuelling.

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