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Ultra Prostate Formula - 60 Softgels | Life Extension


Health Benefits at a Glance:
Ultra Prostate Formula supports your prostate with cutting-edge extracts from saw palmetto, nettle root, and lycopene and more. These extracts can help protect against excess estrogen levels, promote healthy prostate size and structure, support healthy urinary patterns and flow and encourage a healthy inflammatory response in the prostate.

Why it Works:
The prostate gland is intimately involved in the health of any man. But as men reach middle age about 50% will suffer from enlarged prostate. Although often benign in nature, this enlargement can impact urinary patterns. Supporting healthy, comfortable urination and inhibiting prostate-related inflammation are therefore essential parts of maintaining prostate health for any man.
The next-generation prostate health formula in Ultra Prostate Formula contains a wide range of ingredients to promote healthy prostate function and support normal urine flow. Botanical extracts like saw palmetto, nettle root, and lycopene make Ultra Prostate Formula the most comprehensive prostate health supplement on the market.
Prostate cells are also sensitive to oestrogen's effects, why Ultra Prostate Formula also contains powerful ingredients to address the effects of oestrogen on the aging prostate.

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