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Taurine 1000mg - 90 Capsules | Life Extension


Health Benefits at a Glance:
Taurine supports the cardiovascular- and nervous system, and can also promote liver and cognitive health.

Why it Works:
Taurine is one of the most abundant intracellular amino acids in the body and is produced by the body itself. Produced from the amino acid L-cysteine, researchers have described it as “one of the most essential substances in the body.” Taurine is found many places in the body but especially in the tissues of the central nervous system, where researchers indicate it has a regulating influence. Studies also suggest that it has a cardiovascular and neuroprotective role, and can help maintain cardiac health in some aging people. It can also help support healthy liver function and support cognitive health.
Many diets do however not provide enough taurine, hence it may be necessary to add this nutrient to your dietary regimen.

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