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Super Hero For Kids (Pure Omega 3 Fish Oil) - 100 ml


Omega 3 is essential for children, but with the best will in the world, it's pretty tricky to get youngsters to eat plates of oily fish.

Just single 1 ml droop of Super Hero contains as much DHA  as a whole tin of sardines, which is brilliant for kids because DHA is a major component of the brain and eye tissue. 

You also want your kids to have the purest possible Omega 3, Super Hero passes rigorous tests to be independently certified by IFOS and has been approved by a panel of very fussy, teeny taste-testers who've given it the thumbs up. 

We make the best fish oils in the world because w want to you to feel better.  You'll feel like a Super Hero knowing that in a single drop of oil you're giving your child as much Omega 3 as a whole tin of sardines. No other supplement comes close.

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