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Spermidine 400mg - 60 Capsules | Youth and Earth


Youth & Earth's award-winning Spermidine is a natural polyamine that counteracts ageing and promotes longevity by activating autophagy, the body’s cellular renewal and recycling process.

One million of our cells in our body die every second though our cells are renewed. That process becomes less efficient as we age; therefore, regulating and activating autophagy via Spermidine is essential in controlling cell renewal.

Youth & Earth's Spermidine supplement originates from buckwheat sprout, with the highest concentration of Spermidine found in any food source 3.5mg/g, much higher than Natto and Wheatgerm 1mg/g. Japanese culture has long thought Spermidine has anti-ageing properties that support lifespan and healthspan.

A polyamines-rich diet in Spermidine is one of the Blue Zone secrets of the Okinawans who regularly live active lives into the 90s and 100. Okinawa is regarded as one of the healthiest places to live globally. The average life expectancy of women is 90 years old.

Spermidine as a supplement is also known to support hair in the anagen phase and improve nail health.

Youth & Earth's Spermidine is sourced from Austria. Its concentration is shown to be 350% higher in Spermidine than Wheatgerm derived Spermidine.

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