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Primeadine GF (Gluten-Free Spermidine) - 60 Tablets | Oxford Healthspan


Endorsed by internationally recognized longevity scientists and doctors, Primeadine® GF is a wholly plant-derived, gluten-free spermidine supplement sourced and made in the longevity islands of Okinawa, Japan, home to some of the world's longest lived people. Each serving provides 1.2mg of supplemental spermidine and extra autophagy inducers from a unique, proprietary blend of Okinawan chlorella, Shikuwasa citrus lime peel, and turmeric.

  • Sounder, deeper sleep
  • Stronger, healthier hair, skin, and nails
  • Elevated energy and vitality

Primeadine® GF is Oxford Healthspan's answer for those who avoid gluten or are Celiac but still want to experience the benefits of spermidine and autophagy! Reactivate your body's cellular "clean up" process and slow aging with Primeadine® GF.

Primeadine® GF is a potent blend of 3 autophagy inducers and anti-inflammatories, all sourced from the longevity islands of Okinawa, Japan - turmeric, a unique, spermidine-rich sub-strain of chlorella, and nobiletin from "Shikuwasa" citrus lime peel. Together, these provide 1.2mg of spermidine per dose.

All of the internal work Primeadine® GF does is experienced across the body, leading to an array of internal and external benefits. Users typically notice:

  • Better, deeper sleep, as seen on their wearable sleep-tracking devices
  • Higher energy levels and vibrancy
  • Faster-growing, better textured, thicker hair (including brows and eyelashes) and colour re-pigmentation
  • Stronger, healthier skin and nails
  • Improved mental clarity 
  • Healthier digestion

*Results may vary from person to person

OH recommend taking Primeadine® GF consistently for at least 12 weeks to experience the whole-body benefits. Best results are seen with continuous use.

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