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Prenatal Trimester One with Ginger – 60 Capsules | NaturoBest


  • Australia’s first prenatal multi with 75mg of vitamin B6 and 1300mg of ginger to reduce morning sickness.
  • Provides B vitamins in their metabolically active forms to support healthy methylation, DNA and RNA synthesis and homocysteine metabolism.
  • Copper-free formulation! Copper rises naturally during pregnancy and supplementation may be unnecessary.
  • Does not contain iron. Iron supplementation in the first trimester may aggravate the symptoms of morning sickness.
  • Does not contain high levels of iodine. The pregnancy hormone HCG naturally stimulates the thyroid during the first trimester and this may increase the severity of nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy.
  • Does not contain the fat-soluble vitamins A and K. These vitamins are easily obtained from the diet and maybe toxic in excess. Vitamin K has a poor placental transfer to the baby.
  • Ultra-low excipient formula; only ascorbyl palmitate and microcrystalline cellulose as excipients.

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