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Omega Ease - 180 Soft Capsules | BioMedica


High quality and sustainably sourced fish oil, with Citranillin® for enhanced taste

Omega Ease is a premium quality omega-3 supplement, containing highly purified oil from certified sustainable sources.


  • High-quality omega-3 fish oil sourced sustainably from sardines and anchovies; two of the smallest fish species-rich in omega-3 

  • Contains Citranillin®, BioMedica’s specialised flavour combination of vanillin plus natural lemon and lime distilled oils, to create a great-tasting and highly compliant product

  • Omega Ease is manufactured using a unique, enzymatic reactor process to produce a highly bioavailable and concentrated source of re-esterified triglycerides (omega-3)

  • Omega Ease undergoes comprehensive purification processes to provide a pristine and safe source of omega-3

  • Rigorously analysed for oxidative and environmental contaminants including heavy metals, to ensure Omega Ease parameters exceed current regulatory requirements 

  • Strictly Practitioner Only

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