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Ocean pH - 150g | One Nutrition


One Nutrition Ocean-pH is ideal if you have a low acid diet or exercise regularly then suffer from aching muscles afterwards. Specially made from calcified red mineral algae, Lithothamnion calcareum, which falls to the ocean floor after its five-year life cycle.

The algae gathers minerals from fresh Irish seawater and is ethically harvested by us, meaning it contains all sorts of extra organic minerals like Selenium, Zinc & Iodine.

Because the algae will have gathered organic minerals from the sea and is ethically harvested by us from the sea bed, One Nutrition Ocean-pH provides all sorts of extra benefits that ordinary calcium carbonate supplements really cannot match.

Calcium and magnesium help muscles function normally while magnesium helps to balance electrolytes that are so important for the cells in our bodies to work. We also need the right pH balance of acidic and basic (alkaline) compounds to function properly, which is where zinc comes in so effectively.

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