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NAC Nasal Spray - 20ml | Researched Supplements

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NAC is an antioxidant and a mucolytic agent. NAC nasal application has been researched for its potential to support respiratory health, more specifically to reduce the impact of environmental toxicants, including mould and mycotoxins. The persistence of mycotoxins suggests that there may be an internal source of mould that represents a reservoir for ongoing mould toxins, excreted in urine.

Targetting the microbes’ secret reservoir in chronic infections with NAC nasal spray

Nose and sinuses may be major internal reservoirs, where mould is harboured in biofilm communities. Biofilm may allow for chronic persistence of fungi in the nose and sinuses and make treatments more difficult.

N-Acetylcysteine in nasal application is used to address...

  • Biofilm Formation in Nose and Sinuses

NAC has the potential to breakdown the extracellular matrix of biofilms, which could enhance the effectiveness of anti-infectious agents and antibiotics.
NAC is known to be effective against biofilms by disrupting biofilms and reducing the adhesion of microbes to surfaces.

  • Respiratory Symptoms and Allergies

NAC exerts a therapeutic action in allergic rhinitis, next to a wound healing effect on nasal mucosa.

  • MARCoNS (Multiple Antibiotic Resistant Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci)

MARCoNS is a term used to describe staphylococci, antibiotic-resistant and able to colonize in nasal cavities. They often form biofilm-communities and produce toxins.
MARCoNS can contribute to chronic sinusitis and require a multi-faceted approach to treat. N-Acetylcysteine in nasal application is currently evaluated as a complementary treatment in MARCoNS.

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