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Mico-PSK (Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract) - 70 Capsules | Hifas da Terra


Formerly Mico-Corio

The new Mico-Corio PSK ® formula of Hifas da Terra contains aqueous extracts of mushrooms and organic fungi obtained in controlled conditions by combining complex extraction methods. We have obtained the highest purity, quality and potency nutraceutical made with PSK, rich in polysaccharides with proven bioactivity.

Thanks to the development of this new formula, Hifas da Terra offers the nutraceutical with the highest concentration of bioactive PSK ingredients. Hifas da Terra is the only laboratory that has registered the PSK brand in Europe.

Natural bioactive substances of Mico-Corio: alpha, beta and D-glucans and triterpenes.
Mico-Corio PSK contains vitamin B12 which contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system.

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