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Max Relief CBD + CBG Balm - 56.7g | Blue Sky CBD

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2500mg Max Relief Balm

Simply put this is a topical formulation unlike anything in the market. 

At 2.5x the concentration of Blue Sky's original Deep Relief Balm this is designed to help provide relief in the toughest of situations. Others will try to duplicate, but you wont find these levels of CBG in any other topical. 

CBG may be the most powerful phytonutrient that you’ve never heard of. Blue Sky source the highest-quality organic hemp and extract 700mg of this rare cannabinoid and combine it with a generous 1800mg of CBD isolate to bring you the strongest topical CBD sticks around.

This high-strength CBG + CBD Maximum Relief Balm is easy-to-apply and won’t leave your fingers sticky like the common topical CBD products.

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