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Malic Acid 600mg - 90 Capsules | Ecological Formulas


Malic acid‚ a derivative of apple ‚ may work as an effective metal chelator. It binds to toxic metals that may accumulate in the liver or other parts of the body. Aiding in the elimination of heavy metals such as lead and aluminium ‚ malic acid reduces toxicity in your body.

Stimulating metabolism and promoting the production of energy‚ malic acid may play an essential role in the Krebs cycle‚ which is the energy production cycle in the body. Malic acid could potentially boost overall muscle performance‚ reverse muscle fatigue post workout‚ reduce fatigue and enhance mental alertness and clarity.

Improving oral hygiene‚ this supplement from Ecological Formulas boosts saliva production that may decrease the number of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity.

Besides boosting metabolism‚ Malic Acid Capsules from Ecological Formulas may also enhance digestive functions and alleviate conditions of chronic fatigue.

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