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Magnesium-HP - 60 Capsules | Healthy Gut


Most forms of magnesium are hard on the gut. They can cause tummy rumbling, upset stomach, and loose stools – bad news for anyone already dealing with uncomfortable intestinal problems. 

Some common forms also lower stomach acid, which you never want to do if you’re struggling with gut issues.

Magnesium-HP is made with magnesium glycinate, a form of magnesium bound with glycine. This is the most gentle form for your gut and reduces the chance of stomach discomfort. 

If you care about what you put in your body and the health and comfort of your gut, Magnesium-HP is for you.

Compared to other brands on the market, this formula:

Contains ZERO fillers or unnecessary ingredients so you don’t have to worry about reacting to additives…

Provides a stronger dose per capsule (180mg) and per serving (360mg), which means fewer pills to get the same results…

Is bound with 20% glycine (1 magnesium molecule to 2 glycine molecules) for enhanced gut healing effects…

And uses the chelated form of magnesium glycinate which delivers fast, non-acid lowering absorption.

No other magnesium glycinate product in existence meets all of these standards!

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